About ME

My name is Adam Edwards and I am a Private Chef. I have been a Chef professionally for over 15 years.  I started out in fine dining before transitioning into health care and then onto food sales before starting my own business as a Private Chef. I am a third generation Chef, following the legacy started by my Grandfather Walter Sr. and continued by my father Walter Jr. I started out cooking with my dad when I was in grade school in southern California. When we moved to southern Indiana I enrolled into a local Culinary Arts program in high school. While enrolled in that program I started working for my father in one of the areas most popular café caterers. After graduating from high school I moved to Miami, Florida and started college at Johnson & Wales University where I completed my Associates degree in Culinary Arts and Bachelors degree in Food Service Management. After graduating from college, I moved back to Indiana to begin my professional career and continue the culinary legacy already established.

After all these years in the industry I finally discovered what keeps me motivated, sharing my passion with the community through providing skilled, thoughtfully prepared food to the people of Southern Indiana. As a Private Chef, I get to bring the restaurant to you without you having to get out into the crowds! I also get to spend time at the Historic Newburgh Farmers Market in the summer .  I get to see first hand what is being grown locally and develop relationships with the people making your meals possible. This is truly the best thing I could have imagined as a Chef in the Midwest.