In home meal Prep


Eating a home cooked meal was never this easy!

Whether you cant, wont, or don't know how, you can still get amazing restaurant quality food in your home without having to lift a finger.  What if all you had to do was think of it and it was in your fridge waiting to be eaten?

How does it work?

 I work directly with each customer to create a taste profile of likes/dislikes, dietary needs (low fat, low sodium), or lifestyle (vegan, pescatarian, athlete) so that you have a weekly menu of food you want to eat.  I bring all of the necessary ingredients and cook them in your kitchen and put the food away in your refrigerator for you to reheat as you need. I make sure to clean up after myself so there is no mess for you!.

What's the cost?

 This service is $50 per hour plus the cost of ingredients. What does that mean exactly? I charge for the time it takes me to gather the ingredients for your meals and for the time it takes to make those meals. On average, I can make 4 separate entrees for 4 people for $50 in food cost and $150 in labor cost. So for about $200 a week you can have your very own Private Chef making thoughtfully prepared meals in your home. The hardest part is deciding on what to eat!

When can I start?

This service is limited to only a few families each week so if this sounds like the plan for you, please contact me as soon as possible to get on the list! There may be a spot waiting for you!

And one more thing...

Ever noticed you can go to the store needing one thing and you walk out $150 dollars later and still didn't get that thing you needed? When I shop for your meals, I'm on a mission for you and no candy bar in the aisle will get me distracted!